Top Tips For Shopping For The Best Leaf Blower

Tips For Shopping For The Best Blower

Living in a house and having your garden is something beautiful, but preserving this impeccable area is almost impossible. Having to sweep the fallen leaves, the remains that remain after pruning with a rake is a very tedious and time- consuming task. That’s why we searched the Internet for the most accessible and most practical solution to clean the garden, and we came across the battery powered leaf blower.

This is a device designed for the comfortable and effective cleaning of gardens, sidewalks, roads, and others. The best of all is that using them does not need much effort and you can even enjoy that task. However, you will find so many battery blowers on the market.

When buying the best battery blower, you should not buy the first one you find. In this opportunity (buying guide) you will be able to see a detailed analysis of the best options of battery powered units with its most outstanding characteristics.

Tips For Shopping the battery-powered leaf blower:

Once you are ready to move forward with your purchase, you may be inclined to buy the first thing you like. However, you do not want to experience buyer’s remorse by choosing a product that you like in pictures but do not like when you get it home.

Before making that purchase, there are some key features that you must evaluate to make sure you are making a smart decision. These features will help you start reducing your options.

•    Battery:

The battery allows a leaf blower to run without an outlet. It considers how long you can use the machine, while also giving to the total weight. Preferably, you will need a high power battery with low weight and fast recharging.

You should think about a backup battery if you need to use the leaf blower for an extended time. The power of the battery measures in Ampere-hours (Ah). A higher value means higher power device for leaf blowing. Changing power into run-time relies on the distinct motor and potential power setting.

The Nickel-Cadmium (Ni-Cad) batteries are heavier & cheaper with the difficulty of power & performance goes down because the battery goes low at the end of its charge. On the other hand, the Li-ion batteries are lighter and give a constant power output & can be recharged much quicker.  So it is better to go through a leaf blower that has Li-ion batteries.

•    Charge time of the battery:

You don’t need to worry about gasoline or the functionality of movement if you need a battery blower. It is significant that the battery charge time is quick and not that it needs hours & hours to complete. You will find some battery blower that guarantees that it requires only 30 minutes to charge fully.  The most recommended is to charge the time indicated by the device, no more or less than necessary to avoid damaging the battery.

•    2 or 4 stroke engine:

This defines the performance of the machine. There are leaf blowers that have a potent motor and therefore, to blow all the leaves strongly, you do not need much flow. By taking into account the engine of a blower and what is its air pressure, you can guarantee that it drags all the leaves and other dirt from your garden.

•    Blower Power:

You need to focus on the mph & CFM numbers when looking at the performance of a battery leaf blower. Both of these fix the speed & volume of air going away to the blower tube. Mph implies miles per hour, and CFM implies cubic feet per minute.

The larger the numbers on the specific model you are watching at the more air the motor would not force through the tube. You can blow more massive wastes with a blower that has more power.

•    Comfort and mobility of the blower:

As with all hand tools, the blower must offer good mobility and ease of use that is worth the investment in the equipment. An efficient investment that starts by choosing a lightweight model, so that the less it weighs, the easier it will be to take it where necessary and carry it for long periods.

This comfort and mobility are also related to the shape and size of the fasteners of the product. The handles should be large, ergonomically shaped and help to move the battery blower comfortably.

Finally, we cannot forget the shape of the air outlet. This exit must be done with a tube of sufficient size to be able to be directed as it suits us. Some models include a more closed nozzle that allows you to concentrate the air to work in difficult or complex areas, which can be a good option as well.

•    Extras:

These are nice-to-have features on a battery leaf blower, but should not be deciding factors when picking the best battery blower for your needs. Some models come with a turbo button for a quick burst of high-powered air. An ergonomic handle with rubber over-mold allows you to keep a good grip on the nozzle with reduced vibration.

A power lockout gives you the option to block the power button so the leaf blower cannot be turned on accidentally or unintentionally, for example in transport.Some models feature a range of interchangeable nozzles for a variety of garden tasks or other blower applications, such as in a workshop.

•    Price:

Finally, something that you most certainly consider the most important, the price. Before buying any tool, it is essential that it has an excellent quality-price ratio and that it does not affect your budget. What makes the cost of battery leaf blowers vary, are their functions and manufacturing quality.

Therefore, it is not surprising that you find necessary blowers with prices that usually range from $100 to $300. Everything depends on the quality of battery blower you need and the offer you can find in the market.

How to use a battery powered blower?

In the autumn time, it is essential to use a leaf blower (battery powered) because this is the time when the leaves fall most. If you have just purchased a leaf blower powered by a battery and do not dare to use it because you are inexperienced, do not worry and keep reading.

•    Check the user manual of your battery blower:

Before using your battery blower, it is essential that you understand the instruction manual to identify each of its parts, familiarize yourself with its operation and function.

•    Use the necessary protective equipment

When using any gardening tool, it is needed to have basic protective equipment. This is made up of safety glasses to protect your eyes from possible jumps of particles or stones while cleaning.

Also, you must have some earmuffs so you can reduce a bit the noise produced by the use of a leaf blower. Of course, you should not miss the use of gloves, breastplates, preferably jeans, cotton flannels for your comfort and the use of dust masks.

•    Check the power source

Make sure that your battery blower has enough charge for its operation. Also, you need to make sure that you have a backup battery option if you want to use the device for a long time. 

•    Verify that the area to be cleaned is free of people around:

Be aware that a battery blower raises a lot of dust and generates some noise that can be annoying to your neighbors. Therefore, it is recommended that you use your battery blower when you are sure that there are no people around you, to avoid unnecessary discomfort.

•    Make sure that the area to be cleaned is free of moisture

It is recommended that the patio or garden to be cleaned is well dried because if the leaves are wet, it will be difficult to lift and your cleaning would be a failure. Therefore, it is better to perform this type of cleaning when the weather and environmental conditions are favorable.

•    Start at one end of your patio or garden

Turn on your battery blower and start from one end of the patio, preferably accumulating the leaves towards the center of the area. Then, go around the patio, gathering the leaves little by little. If you notice that the leaves get stuck a little and do not get up, do not hesitate to use a rake to lift them.

•    Proceed to collect the leaves in a garbage bag

Once all the leaves of your yard have been lifted and when they are accumulated in the center, with the help of a rake, begin to place the leaves in a large trash bag, until you collect them all. Then, turn off the battery blower. Store your blower in a safe place in your home or tool store.


The leaf blowers become the most needed tool for garden and lawn maintenance to make a more landscape. Today’s modern battery powered leaf blower makes powerful explosions of air that can sort and clean quickly and efficiently any garden or green space.

It becomes the preferred tool of choice by homeowners, property managers, and professional landscapers. So don’t late to buy one and keep your home, business and property very clean, beautifully tidy and well cared for. We hope this article is helpful to you.

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