Battery Powered Leaf Blower: A Comprehensive Buyer’s Guide

 Best Battery Powered Leaf Blower

The appearance of our home says a lot about our personality and one of the most important places and the first ones that visitors usually see is the garden. The leaf blowers have arrived to make life easier for those people who have a yard to clean and keep in order.

Having a quality leaf blower can save both time and money. This will make the job much more comfortable. There are several types of leaf blowers out on the market. So it becomes challenging to decide which one is right for the job.

But according to our research and experience, the battery powered leaf blower can be the most advantageous one. It not only works well but also environment-friendly to use as well.  In this article, we will explain the ins and out when it comes to buying the battery powered blower. So please stay with us until the end of this writing.

Types of Leaf Blowers:

There are several different types of blower out on the market. These are including a) electric powered, b) gasoline powered and c) battery powered.

a) Electric powered:

The electric blower stands out for having a reasonably low weight & good blowing power. Also, they are very comfortable to handle. But the negative point is that you always have to put an extension cord to be able to connect it to the light and enjoy its services. If you do not mind always carrying a cable behind, this option can be exciting.

b) Gasoline powered:

The gasoline-powered blower stands out for having a great autonomy and offering an excellent blowing speed. The problem with this tool is that it works through gasoline, which means that you have to go to the gas station to buy gas when it’s over. This can be a bit heavy for many people.

c) Battery powered:

The battery-powered leaf blower is slowly making its way into the market. The advantage is that it does not have any cables so that it will give you great freedom of movement. Also, autonomy is usually quite high, about 30 minutes on average.

Also, you can always buy an extra battery to be able to use it if necessary. The problem is that they usually have a little less power and the price is higher than the electric ones.

Note: According to the reviews, ratings and Reports of the Consumer, “battery-powered leaf blower is the new age of cordless outdoor power equipment that can clean up your yard fast without any hassle.”

Buying Guide of Battery Powered Leaf Blower:

When it comes to buying the best leaf blower with battery, then you need to consider the following features. You will find some blowers out on the market that is quite louder and disturb your neighbors.

On the other hand, the leaf blower with battery is quieter from them.  Let’s explain the significant features that you need to consider.

1. Air flow:

You should go for a leaf blower that has enough air flow. This is one of the most significant features to find. It states by both speed & volume. So, you should think about this fact consciously.

2. Battery life:

Another notable thing you need to watch out is the battery. The battery is essential due to the blowers mostly rely on this thing. If it is not a quality one, then it can fall you in many problems. For example, you cannot clean up anything thoroughly. So, thought about this particular thing specifically. 

3. Power adjuster:

The most highlighted feature of the blower is power adjuster. This can allow you to adjust the power level. You can precisely adjust the speed of this unit throughout this system as well.

 Thus it increases battery life when complete each task you need regardless of how testing or sensitive. Power adjusters are worthy to a blower powered by battery. It is ideal than a blower that points out only speed.

4. Protection:

Protection is one of the most top-notch facts you need to consider before buying a battery powered blower.  It is significant because without it a leaf blower can harm your earplugs or eye. So don’t forget to give focus on it as well.  

5. Efficient Tube:

You should watch out the tube before buying the leaf blower. You cannot clean up anything without an efficient tube. So you need to ensure that your tube can remove any debris and leaves effectively.

6. Comfort:

Another significant thing to consider before buying a leaf blower is comfort. It is recommended to purchase the balanced one that can give you the maximum comfort.

7. Ease of handling:

You should go through a blower that is easy to hold when you use it. The significant features of battery powered blowers are their portability.  You will find some blowers that are reasonably lightweight. The lightweight unit is quite easy to handle as well.

8. Rules & regulations:

You will find some areas where the leaf blowers are banned. On the other hand, there are some places where you may see some restrictions (fixed decibel levels). Before purchasing your blower, make sure that you know the rules of the area where you want to use it.

Buy a blower that is legal to use in your area. Also, you should keep in mind that about your use, you cannot disturb your neighborhood at odd hours. 

Why buy Battery- Powered leaf Blower?

The battery-powered leaf blowers become more popular than ever. But why? Let’s see some points why you need to buy Battery- Powered leaf Blower:

•    The great thing about a battery powered unit is that it is cordless. Nowadays people do not want to confine themselves into a cord.

•    The Battery Powered Blower is traveling friendly (due to the cordless features).

•    This will save money because you don’t need to buy any extra cables.

•    This unit is also environment-friendly to use as well

•    Another good thing is that it is quite easy to maintain than electric or gas powered blower

•    These are also highly efficient to use when it comes to clean the leaves beyond your borders

Where To Buy Leaf Blower with battery powered?

The battery-powered blowers are available on both offline and online. You can buy them from hardware stores. The local lawn mower suppliers also carry them. 

The online stores have an extensive collection of blowers to the consumers. But the best place to buy this unit is

How to care leaf blower batteries:

  • Avoid the heat:

You should not keep the (Li-ion) batteries in hot conditions. It is the fastest way to destroy the longevity of your battery life. Also never charge the batteries when they are hot.

Note: According to the study of US Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (EERE) office, you should maintain temperatures between 15 to 90 degree. This will increase the longevity of your battery.

  • Do not put leaf blower batteries all the way:

The lithium ion batteries are not designed to go all the way to zero charges. Giving up twenty percent (20%) in the battery provides fifty percent (50%) more lifetime charges. So the manufacturer makes the battery such a way as it can keep 10 to 20 percent charge in their reserve.

Note: According to research by – If you drain the battery to zero charge then this will cut the lifetime up to 60%.

  • Give your battery a partial charge for winter storage:

You need to charge the batteries slightly before keeping them in storage if you do not want to use them for a long time. If you do not charge the battery before putting them in storage, then it can be damaged.

Note: According to the expert – 40% charge is enough before putting the battery in storage. If you charge the battery 100%, then you need to be cautious about the storage area does not leave the perfect 15 to 90-degree limit.

  • Moisture damages blower batteries:

The lithium ion battery does not perform well with moisture. The moisture can damage the blower batteries. So keep away the battery from the water.


There you have the ultimate buyers guide about battery powered leaf blower. It is indeed an excellent yard and garden tool that can make the cleaning job easy, fast and fun. You can buy so many leaf blowers out on the market.

 But buying a leaf blower is a big deal. You must have the proper knowledge and consideration to make this deal successful. We hope by following the buying guide mentioned above, you will get that knowledge and consideration.   

Thanks for reading this article. Feel free to question us, and we will ensure to reply to your questions as soon as possible. If you get all the questions that you have in your mind and you discover this article valuable, then try to deal it with your friends as we’re sure that they would choose to read about it.

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